Telepad : Wireless mouse & keyboard on smart devices

Available on Android

Required a desktop under Windows, Mac OS X or Ubuntu


Fully functional Mouse

Handle click, double-click, scroll and window drag.

Multimedia remote controller

Use Windows Media Player, Powerpoint or VLC. Adjust the desktop sound

Wifi or bluetooth

Choose your connectivity

Power options

Shutdown, lock, restart ...

Telepad : remote mouse and keyboard

Many languages fully supported

Keyboard support accented characters and other special characters.

Advanced Keyboard

Access to shortcut (Ctrl, Alt, ...) and function (F1, F2, ...) keys

Windows, Mac, Ubuntu

Telepad is compatible with Windows 10/8/7, Mac OS X, Ubuntu 12.04 and more


Remotely control my computer has never been easier

Play a movie from your couch, make a dynamic PowerPoint presentation or an impressive demo of your latest product!

Use your touchscreen as a wireless mouse.

Access to a keyboard which completely handle many languages and all the mainly used keys you can found on a computer keyboard.

Telepad : remote mouse and keyboard

Download the app

  1. Install & start the desktop software
  2. Launch the mobile application and just let it guide you !